Ideas for Teachers - August 2015

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Sanctuary Cities
The links above are to established, peer reviewed journals. Peer reviews are the evaluations of work by professional journalists who hold other journalists to standards of truth-in-reporting. SGAP makes a concerted effort to provide links to reliable sources, and to provide links to a balance of left-leaning and right-leaning publications. The links have been shortened for your convenience.
Issue # 1 - Would authorizing the Iran Nuclear Deal be in the United States best interest? The Obama Administration, most Democrats, and numerous international countries back the Iran Nuclear Deal saying is makes the region more stable and secure. Republicans, some Democrats, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu adamantly oppose the deal saying it does nothing to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons and sets the stage for them to emerge at the end of the 15 years as a bigger threat to the world. Students can look at the deal and Iran’s past of compliance and draw their own conclusions on if this deal is in the United States best Interest. Issue # 2 - Should sanctuary cities be punished for not following federal immigration laws? Many state and local governments are arguing that enforcing federal immigration laws are not the job of local law enforcement but that of federal officers and that by not enforcing the federal laws they are actually making their cities safer. Students can discuss if federal laws are the sole responsibility of the federal government or do local and state authorities have to play a role in making sure those laws are enforced. And if local authorities should play a role, should funding to the city be withheld if it is found that they are intentionally ignoring federal laws? Teachers - Please remind your students to download the new SGAP mobile app. Go to Google Play or iTunes Apple Store.