Ideas for Teachers/Critical-Thinking Questions – October 2016

For further research, please see the links below. Links have been shortened for your convenience. Issue 1: Electoral College FairVote on How the Electoral College Works Heritage Foundation Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist No. 68 270 to Win League of Women Voters Issue 2: 2016 Presidential Election 2016 Election Key Dates PBS Election Connection – Candidates’ Positions Letters 2 Next President RealClear Politics
Help students develop their critical-thinking skills on legislative issues with these essay questions. Can be used for classroom discussion, essay writing, homework, debate, etc. Students: Answer each question by deciding where you stand and justifying your reasons for your opinion. Issue 1: Electoral College
  1. Should the Electoral College be eliminated and the U.S. president be elected by popular vote? Why or why not?
  2. Do you think the founders’ reasons for establishing the Electoral College system are still relevant today?
  3. Has the Electoral College system worked out the way Hamilton originally envisioned it?
  4. Read Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist No. 68 (above). Do you agree with his reasoning?
  5. Do you think the outcome of the 2000 presidential election (Bush v. Gore) was fair? Outline your arguments.
Issue 2: 2016 Presidential Election
  1. Who would you vote for in the 2016 U.S. presidential election?
  2. After reading the candidates’ positions on the issues, which issue is most important to you and why?
  3. Watch a few of the presidential election commercials on How have presidential campaign ads changed over time?
  4. In what ways does the 2016 presidential election campaign differ from previous election campaigns?
  5. How have Hillary Clinton’s roles in American politics changed through the years? What conclusions about American culture can you draw from her journey?