Ideas for Teachers/Critical-Thinking Questions – September 2016

For further research, here are some good places to start. SGAP makes a concerted effort to provide links to reliable sources, and to include a balance of left- and right-leaning sources. Links have been shortened for your convenience. Net Neutrality White House Timeline, Statements, etc. The New Yorker Article Inside Story of Netflix v. Comcast Fox News Article Washington Post Poll Article Welfare Reform Speaker Ryan’s “A Better Way to Fight Poverty” Page 1996 Welfare Reform Act U.S. Census Bureau Poverty Page On the Issues Republicans’ View The Atlantic Article Two Dollars a Day (New)
Help students develop their critical-thinking skills and defend their positions on legislative issues with these questions. Can be used for classroom discussion, essay writing homework, debate, etc. Net Neutrality 1. Should everyone have equal access to content online? Why or why not? 2. Should internet service providers (ISPs) be able to speed up access to sites who pay to be prioritized? 3. Should the government have regulatory power over the ISPs? If not, who should? 4. Read the Inside Story of Netflix v. Comcast (above). Which company is in the right? Why? 5. In your opinion, does net neutrality hamper competition and innovation? Welfare Reform 1. Do you believe the federal government should protect the social “safety nets” in place? 2. Would Speaker Ryan’s plan for fighting poverty (above) help or hurt poverty in the U.S.? 3. Should Congress increase states’ power to choose how federal funding is spent on welfare? 4. Do you favor stronger requirements for welfare such as drug testing, stricter work requirements, etc.? 5. Were the changes implemented with the 1996 Welfare Reform Act (above) ultimately successful in solving the poverty problem? Justify your reasoning.