May 2015 Trivia

Washington, D.C. the Nation's Capital

On July 16, 1790, Congress declared the city of Washington in the District of Columbia, the permanent capital of the United States. Q. Lincoln Memorial is on the shore of the Potomac River. What architect designed it? A. Henry Bacon B. Pierre L'Enfant C. James Hoban A. Henry Bacon was the New York architect who designed the Lincoln Memorial, which stands at the west end of the National Mall as a neoclassical tribute to the 16th President of the United States. The construction of the memorial took eight years to complete, from 1914-1922. Q. Going east on Independence Avenue and looking across the Tidal Basin you will see the white dome of the Jefferson Memorial. Inside the memorial you will find excerpts from the two documents for which Jefferson most wanted to be remembered. They are: A. The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights B. The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution C. The Declaration of Independence and The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom A. The Declaration of Independence and The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom. The pediment over the portico depicts Jefferson reading his draft of the Declaration of Independence. In the centre of the domed, marble-lined interior is a 19-foot bronze figure of Jefferson sculpted by Rudolph Evans; excerpts from Jefferson’s writings—including the Declaration of Independence, the Statute for Religious Freedom, Notes on the State of Virginia, and several of his letters—are inscribed on the four interior panels. Along the frieze in the interior dome is a quotation from Jefferson: “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” Q. On the right side of the National Mall facing the Capitol is the National Air and Space Museum, the most visited museum in town. One of the many things you can see is the command module that brought the astronauts back to Earth after the first moon landing in 1969. What is its name? A. Friendship 7 B. Columbia C. Endeavor A. The Apollo 11 command module Columbia is displayed in the Milestones of Flight gallery at the museum's building on the National Mall. Q. At the end of the Mall sits the magnificent Capitol building. What former President died in this building? A. John Quincy Adams B. George Washington C. Abraham Lincoln A. Former President and then-Rep. John Quincy Adams suffered a stroke at his desk in the House chamber on February 21, 1848, and was taken into the Speaker's Room. His physical condition was too precarious to permit him to be moved, and he died at the Capitol two days later.