May 11, 2021

Proof of Voter Eligibility (Voter ID Laws) Infographic

Jan 17, 2020

2019 SGAP Nationwide Student Voting Results Infographic

Jan 17, 2020

SGAP Impact Teacher Survey Results Fall 2019 |

Feb 01, 2019

2018 Student Voting Results Infographic

Jan 21, 2019

U.S. Trade and Tariffs Infographic

Jul 30, 2018

Urban vs. Rural in the United States Infographic

Over time, the U.S. has transformed from a primarily rural society to a primarily urban society. SGAP looks at key dates in American urbanization.

Jul 17, 2018

Modernization of American Society Throughout History Infographic

The modernization of American society throughout history includes electricity, personal computers, internet access and automobiles.

Jun 04, 2018

Mapping the Regions of the U.S. Infographic

Every country has its own physical geography.The United States comprises 6 regions: the Pacific West, Mountain West, Southwest, Midwest, Southeast and Northeast.

Jan 17, 2018

Volunteerism in the United States Infographic

A look at volunteerism in the USA.

Oct 18, 2017

Freedom Around the World Infographic

Freedom Around the World: How does the U.S. compare to nations around the world when it comes to freedom?

Jul 21, 2017

Immigration Nation: The History of Immigration Infographic

America has a rich tradition of immigration. This chart represents immigrants as a percentage of the U.S. population through history.  Let’s take a look at the trends, major influxes, and pivotal decisions that helped shape our country’s demographics.

Jul 21, 2017

Immigration Nation: The Face of Immigration Infographic

What’s the difference between a U.S. citizen and a legal permanent resident? Asylee or refugee? SGAP looks at the face of immigration in the United States in this infographic.

Jul 07, 2017

Immigration Nation: Are You Smarter than a New U.S. Citizen?

What is the U.S. Citizenship Test? The U.S. Citizenship Test is one of the final steps for Green Card holders to become naturalized U.S. citizens. Composed of two main sections, the English test and the Civics test, perhaps the most well-known part of the naturalization process. 

Jul 07, 2017

Preamble & Articles of the U.S. Constitution Infographic

“We the People of the U.S., in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the U.S. of America.”

Jun 28, 2017

3 Branches of Government Flipagram Video

The U.S. Constitution's first three articles divide the federal government into three branches -- legislative (Congress), executive (President) and judicial (court system). This separation of powers ensures no one branch has too much power.

Jun 28, 2017

United States Political Parties Infographic

In this infographic, SGAP looks at how political parties have evolved in the United States through history.

Jan 24, 2017

Powers of President Infographic

What is the role of the U.S. President? What does he or she do? How does the Executive Branch relate to the other branches of government -- the Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch?

Dec 20, 2016

Qualifications to Run for House and Senate Infographic

Do you qualify to run for House or Senate? See what Constitution says about qualifications in this SGAP infographic.

Sep 23, 2016

Civil Rights & Liberties in Constitutional Amendments Video

Which civil rights are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution? SGAP summarizes the Amendments in this video!

Jun 16, 2016

Ebb & Cash Flow: How Wall Street Works - Infographic

Wall Street is the name for the financial and investment community, which includes stock exchanges, large banks and big businesses. In this infographic, SGAP takes a look at the elements and activities that make up Wall Street.

Jun 14, 2016

History & Debate Over Minimum Wage Infographic

The wage rate can only be changed by Congress. To date it has been raised 22 times by 12 presidents.

Feb 16, 2016

Role of Federal Government in Education – Infographic

In the United States, education is primarily funded and maintained at the state and local level. However, the federal government has an important role in education in a multitude of ways - from setting curriculum guidelines to enforcing desegregation.

Feb 02, 2016

14th Amendment, Then and Now - Infographic

Passed by Congress in 1866, the 14th Amendment asserted that no person could be deprived of life, liberty or property without “due process of law.” Here’s a breakdown of the amendment, then and now.

Jan 06, 2016

Infographic: A Lifetime of Law - Process for Supreme Court Appointments

Article III of the Constitution establishes the Judicial Branch of our government, represented by the Supreme Court. The structure of the court is left to Congress — there have been as few as six members, but since 1869 we’ve held to the standard of nine justices, including a chief justice. All justices are nominated by the president, confirmed by a majority vote in the Senate, and hold their offices for life.

Nov 20, 2015

Government in Daily Life Infographic

How are the local, state and federal governments involved in our daily lives? SGAP drills down in this infographic.