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Student Governmental Affairs Program

Giving Students a Look at Both Sides of Congressional Issues

SGAP is a user-friendly program that goes beyond textbook instruction to inform and inspire the legislators and other leaders of tomorrow. By providing insight into both sides of the decisions Congress makes daily, SGAP opens the doors to lively discussions and to decisions based on facts.

"It is no cliche that the students of today will be the legislators of tomorrow, and with that realization comes a distinct responsibility. You...are fulfilling that responsibility with publications like the Student Governmental Affairs Program..." - Joseph R. Biden Jr. U.S. Vice President

"I find the information to be extremely useful - concise, challenging and timely." - Instructor, Evergreen, CO

"My students look forward to the arrival of SGAP each month and to the heated debates that oft times follow. We love it." - Instructor, Hamilton, NJ

"Excellent materials! One hundred percent accurate and updated. Thanks." - Instructor, Jasper, AL

"Your materials provide me with information I don’t have time to research for class." - Instructor, Dillingham, AK

"It is vital that younger Americans be kept up to date on the topics that directly affect their lives. I applaud your efforts in this capacity..." - Joe Barton U.S. Representative, Texas

"SGAP gives students the opportunity to acquire the tools necessary to sharpen their critical thinking skills, cultivate leadership qualities, and create a foundation of knowledge and understanding of our system of government. It will be invaluable as they continue to actively learn and participate in our nation’s political system." - Pete Sessions U.S. Representative, Texas

"This is a great program and I would like to have all government students involved with it. . ." - Instructor, Alpena, MI

"Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom."


In the Future


The American Spirit


Generations to Come


SGAP gets the youth involved.

SGAP is an interactive teaching aid that goes beyond the textbook instruction of government, civic and social studies. The program involves students in the organization and practices of the federal government, informs them about current legislation, encourages discussion of these issues and motivates them to express their opinions to their elected officials in Washington, DC. The result is a reduction of apathy among America’s students and the knowledge that responsible citizenship involves active participation. We believe the best way to ensure students will be politically active throughout their lives is to get them involved and to spark their interest now.